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European Lift & Slide Doors for Patio

The MB-77HS "Lift & Slide" door

product offers an excellent solution for connecting interior spaces or conservatories with outdoor balcony, terrace, or garden areas. It provides a smooth and silent sliding operation, allowing the beauty of the outdoors to be brought into the living spaces. Additionally, the MB-77HS is a space-saving solution that doesn't encroach on the free space beyond the frame's internal or external boundaries.

The MB-77HS ensures outstanding weather tightness and enhanced thermal performance, meeting all the requirements expected from this type of product.

It is available in two options: standard "ST" for thermal performance and highly insulated "HI" for even greater energy efficiency. The design and configuration of the system profiles allow for impressive large openings, accommodating double or even triple glass unit compositions. Combined with innovative technical solutions, this system achieves high levels of thermal and acoustic performance.

Key features of the MB-77HS "Lift & Slide" door product:

  • Smooth and silent slide operation

  • Preserves free space beyond the frame's boundaries.

  • Provides excellent weather tightness.

  • Offers enhanced thermal performance.

  • Available in standard "ST" and highly insulated "HI" options.

  • Enables large openings with double or triple glass units.

  • Achieves high levels of thermal and acoustic performance.


With its combination of functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, the MB-77HS "Lift & Slide" door product is an ideal choice for seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces while maintaining optimal thermal and acoustic comfort.

Connects interior spaces with outdoor areas.

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