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Canadian aluminum porch enclosures for residential home

Aluminum single glass porch enclosures  (made in Canada).

Porch enclosures are manufactured from custom made enclosure panels which are specifically designed to fit into existing openings. Each  panel is made from 1-3/4” aluminum enclosure rails and is assembled on site with slip channels for even and uneven openings. Storm doors are then installed to complete the enclosure, providing you with year-round beauty, versatility and comfort. 

• Protection from the elements 
• A winter and summer buffer zone 
• Ventilation 
• Added security  
• Virtually maintenance free Standard Features 
• Fixed or operating panels 
• 3MM Tempered glass 
• Custom closer and handle brackets  
• Available in White, Clay, Sandalwood, Commercial Brown and Black colors 
• Hidden vent retractable screens 
• Round top panel 
• Shaped panels  
• Obscure glass 
• House numbers 

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