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European aluminum enclosures for exterior and interior applications


Max dimensions of the door leaf (H × L): Up to 2400 mm in height; Up to 1250 mm in width.
Max weight of the sash (door / window): 120-130 kg

The ALUPROF MB-45 is a contemporary aluminum system designed for creating architectural exterior and interior enclosures that do not require thermal insulation. It is suitable for applications such as 3-season patio and porch enclosures, storm doors and windows, sliding doors, swing doors, business area partitions, vestibules, display windows, showcases, and spatial structures.

The window sections of the MB-45 have a structural depth of 45 mm for the frame and 54 mm for the sash. The door sections have a depth of 45 mm for both the frame and sash. This design achieves a flush surface appearance when closed for windows and a seamless effect for door casements and frames. The profiles are engineered to create slim yet durable window and door structures.

An exceptional feature of the MB-45 system is its capability to bend profiles, including frames, casements, and lacings. This allows for the creation of various arches and arch structures to meet design requirements.

The system ensures excellent tightness with the use of specially designed gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber. These gaskets are resistant to aging and maintain their performance over extended periods of use.

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